A guy who likes to go to concerts and make fun of people because they suck at giving high fives.
Mur is "the" guy. not "a" guy, "the" guy
by MarinaATL June 15, 2008
A short term for saying Most Unreal.
John: Hey man, I saw this insane car crash. That shit was so mur
by Sloaner November 07, 2007
Another way of saying "Me,"

See also, "Yur," (You)
"Mur and Yur are cool,"

"Me and you are cool,"
by King berious September 01, 2005
(to mur,murring) verb;
1. whale glomp (glomp-ing)
2.the sound the female whale makes when having sexual intercourse (note
some whales of the male gender may do this if they're homosexual)
Your girlfriend needs to chill with all that murring! This isn't sea world.
by Timothy Matthew Aiden September 02, 2008
Mur is the name given to one of the founding fathers of the Diddyz. He originally created the diddyz with Rum and Mru as a joke to fight what he thought to be "faggetness". Defined by the Diddyz code as social retards, people that are uncool, and just plain enemies.
Mur is also the mastermind behind the diddyness scale, a logorithmic scale to show how high in the diddyz you are, based on diddy points.
hey Mur what you up to today?

hey mur, me and mru are gonna hit the town, wanna come!
by waly913 April 03, 2008
1. n. Very low-grade commercial marijuana.
2. adj. The sleepy, non-high, state induced by said mur. Mur is the word you say while in that state.
Man, I'm all murred out from smoking all that mur.
by Trogdor November 13, 2003
The word mur was origially used by bored north vancouver suburbanite kids to describe a grouch, a grinch, a woman on her period, or a woman about to get her period.
it can also replace cranky, irritable, bitchy, pissed, choked, cunty, or cuntosaurus.
Stibbs is being awefully mur today.
mur can also be added to a persons name when they are being mur so to make them even more jennifmur(jennifer), trevmur(trevor), harmurny(harmony) murnessa(vanessa).
by agent meow January 13, 2005

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