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While "bolle" means "to fuck" in Danish, it has a vastly different meaning in Norwegian. In Norwegian, "bolle" means "bun", as in the (sweet) cake. This makes for some pretty hilarious puns, since the two languages are otherwise quite similar.
"Bolle i aften?" -- could mean "Want a fuck tonight?" or "Do you want a bun tonight?" depending on what side of the Skagerrak you're on.
by Einar JH December 13, 2005
Australian: Mean-spirited term for a flamboyantly homosexual man.
That new dress Andy's wearing makes him look like a cheap bolle.
by Nick April 14, 2005
English slang: To defecate on your partner's chest, either male or female.
I surprised her with a bolle, she didn't take it too well. Then i had to clean up.
by Chris April 15, 2005
Bolle is a german supermarket and dairy with branches mainly around Berlin.
Where did u buy this crap?
There was great sale at bolle. I got some fresh milk as well.
by Mondster February 07, 2010
Pronounced, bowl-lays. A down ass girl. Freaks in the sheets and money grubbers.
This club is full of bolles tonight.

Lil wayne got more bolles than he know what to do with.
by Rutang March 05, 2013
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