To be left in the lurch by someone who is a supposed friend. Or to be blown off by same said friend.
I go out of my way to make sure I'm here early and he fucking murphs me!

I was supposed to hook up and get some weed from him but he murphed me.
by Danny Ditched March 30, 2005
verb - Refers to the action of grabbing your niggaz head, pulling it into close proximity of your anus, then ripping a massive and hopefully audible fart; thus, totally rendering your boy completely and utterly shamed.
"Dude, Tommy just got Murphed"
by The Ockie Mofo March 28, 2005
To bang an incredibly nasty girl. And by nasty, we're talking blue whale size.
Yo did you see that swamp donkey? I know some guy that fucking murfed her!
by je April 01, 2004
To expel all of one's bodily fluids simultaneously. I.E. urinate, defecate, bleed, vomit, ejaculate, cry and blow your nose simultaneously.
"I'll have avalanched potatoes with a light murph, please."

"I asked her to marry me and she straight up murphed."

"Amidst the cherry trees, a romance blossomed. The myriad nooks and crannies of the bark were supple in the wake of their love's first murph."

"My name is Ben Fossit, and I am addicted to murph."

"Tom wishes he could murph on a hot Albanian chick."
by Murphy Brown December 14, 2008
Its when you take a dirty great big shit!
I am gona have to go and have a murph, got a serious turtle head.
by Jim Hand April 10, 2007
to hold in a fart with such anal tightness that the pressure is released by a dispersement of gas from the oral cavity
"Whats that noise? Jessie did you just murph?"
by Steve*O January 02, 2008
One who would rather stalk a girl and become best friends forever with her, than hang out with his friends
"Why isnt Bob sitting with us" "He's being a murph with that smut over there"
by Snyder September 11, 2005

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