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A derogatory term used to describe or depict a person, place, event, or situation. The term “murph” originated in the halls of Delta Phi nu chapter at Lehigh University. “Murph” can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, or a combination of them all. Being referred to as a “murph” is considered to be one of, if not the worst insult possible. The term “murph” can be thought of as a combination of the following words: bitch, loser, wimp, quitter, dropper, dick, deutsch, deutsch bag, cunt, piece of shit, homo, fag, queer, fairy, and pillow biter.
-"I don't think I can play in today's game my leg hurts."
-"Shut the fuck up stop being a murph."

-"Oh shit, I forgot waits again, my bad."
-"Fuck you, you're a murph."

-"I can't drink anymore of this, here you take it."
-"Yea you would pass that shit...fuck you murph."

-"Stop murphin around!"

-"What the fuck are you wearing you look like a murph."

-"You dropped that pass faster than murph."

-"What the fuck is that smell...smells like murph just walked through here."

-"Look at those Knicks...what a buncha murphs."
by moose121 April 26, 2007
58 84
Cool new word we invented for a pussy.
Man, I could eat this chick's murph for days.
by Legendary Films September 20, 2004
6 36