To pop Ecstasy. To take Ecstasy.
I'm gonna Murph tonight.
by Darminder November 01, 2006
a murph is what you have when your pants or shorts get stuck in your ass crack. a frontal murph is similiar to a
as in, "Dude, check out that old lady's murph!" would be a tease at the old lady's expense.
by mytigaz October 09, 2004
A term that came about in Elevate country located in Gaithersburg, MD. This word, noun means to be awesome or cool, abnormally amazing.
reading the bible daily to get closer to God is totally Murph.
by i<3 JC May 04, 2010
verb. The act of leaving a party or social event without informing/saying goodbye to friends or host. Also known as "ghosting."
The scene at the office Christmas party was beat so I murphed and went home around 10pm.
by John Schaedler December 21, 2006
Refers to a homosexual male.
Before he came out of the closet, we had no idea that Torry was murph.
by Anon-Hate October 09, 2006
(Verb)murph is another word to express the emotions of getting screwed over or turned down. It can also be used expressed in anger , or to treat unfairly or harshly. Murph can also be used as a figure of speech to get rid of or to ditch.
(Adj) Murph can also be used on its own, to express anxiouty , anger or disstress.
(Noun)Describing someone or something that screws or screwed over, messed up or destroyed a certain (noun) item, possesion or siduation.
Boy: Lets go out tonight.
Girl: Sorry, i have other plans
Boy: What a Murph!!
Boy:I just got murphed
Boy:murph this chick.
Boy: She murphed the whole siduation.
by Vicky Azrak December 17, 2007
one who is sloppy, especially when drunk (synonym = slopfest). one who is unable to imbibe more than 3 thimbles of natty light without becoming "belig." Has been known to knock over tables and spill drinks and fall out of his bed.
"Ryan was such a murph last night, I saw him getting with Creepy Stalker Girl after only 1.5 thimbles!"
by TC, BHAM$, T, G October 15, 2007

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