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(Verb) To hit on, flirt, or otherwise spit game with another.
I'm going to the club to murph for some weird.

Ryan's at the end of the bar, murphing on Hayley.

Murphing is more an art than a science.
by BCMock January 27, 2011
A naturally occuring wedgie.
SICK! Mr. Davidson just picked a murph!
by wysiwyg May 15, 2004
When a person is taking a hit off of a marijuana piece and they blow the weed out of the bowl by either; laughing or coughing.
"Dude, I can't beleive you murphed the green hit."

"Ya, you can have a hit, but it's dank don't murph it."
by Harry-J54 May 09, 2009
what doesnt it mean ? it is a comeback for eveyrthing , not having any specific meaning at all . can mean several things.
person 1..."I hate really hate you."

person 2..."murph."

person 1... "what the hell does that mean?"

person 2... "murph."


my day was murphtastic !
by miss murph (: July 26, 2011
When you switch to another line (say, in a grocery store) because you think that line will go faster but ultimately the line you were originally in goes faster. Derived from Murphy's Law.
P.1 "I just switched lines and got murphed so hard."

P.2 "Wow, that blows. I hate when that happens!"
by aahhmm July 29, 2012
To hang out and do nothing specific; either alone or with friends.
We were murphing around the mall when my phone rang. My friend was on the line asking if we wanted to go murph at a bar on the other side of town.
by josesocali January 19, 2011
a verb; to mish it home or to your destination whilst inebriated without the aid of an automobile.
I murphed it home at 3 am saturday morning

I was totally rennelling this girl but decided to murph it home on a scooter after seeing her moccasin tan
by rennell October 13, 2009

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