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Mungas mean that your jealous or that someone should be jealous
When you see your mate and your with your girl hee says "Man im so mungas of your girl she smoking HOT."


Damn mungas much
by Bhee May 02, 2010
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A tall person with a massive penis
That is a munga
by Jack Dorrinkle October 21, 2008
A male who has an extremely large penis.
Have you seen that guy in the changeroom he is a munga
by Johnny1111111118 October 25, 2008
An abnormally tall male who stands out in public and has an abnormally large penis which is proportional to his body.
That nigga is hung like a munga
by SIMON1112 October 28, 2008
A word often used by Danny Fairbrass to describe carp fishing bait.
Look at that spod mix, full of carpy munga...
by pukkacarpin May 07, 2013
A fantastically versatile filler word.
blah blah blah munga policy blah munga
by melissadrew April 20, 2005
A large orange gord, part of the squash family where as the innards and seads are edible. See Pumpkin.
Due to circumstances under which it is the Halloween season, we must obtain ourselves a fantastic plethora of mungas.
by Bryan Sahadi January 10, 2007

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