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Intoxicated by or as if by a drug, such as cocaine or marijuana. Usually caused by smokin' a "fattie".
"Aiyyo son I ride around with my hooptie tinted to ride around blitted."
- Redman in "Smoke Buddha"
by Neil Hooey October 18, 2003
stoned out of your mind
this L got me fucking blittedddddd
by anonymous ;) April 25, 2006
Usually referring to when smoking weed and high as a kite.
This weed is got me blitted.

I feel so blitted from this joint.

I'm so blitted son!
by Paz1986 August 11, 2008
crunked (see crunk)
basically means fucked up or INTOXICATED
this L got me blitted
by jgrizz September 01, 2003

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