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slang for Asenlix, diet pill form Mexico used by athletes as stimulant or to fight fatigue. Swallowed, snorted, or mixed w/ coffee.
Yo, Bart, bust me out a greenie before game time so I can get right...
by smurf February 06, 2004
noun- slang term for an environmentalist. Often used to deride such people
That bloody tree-hugging greenie poofter!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
A new person, aka greenhorn. Usually asks stupid questions but is not even close to as annoying a s noob.

Derived from Puzzle pirates were new players names are written in green.
Dude 1 : This dude just asked if he could have my war friggate
Dude 2: What a greenie
#greenie #puzzle #pirates #greenhorn #newbie #puzzle pirates
by That human person May 07, 2009
A "derrogatory" word that Wyoming natives use to describe Colorado tourists. Rooted in the fact that Colorado liscense plates are green in color.
"It would be a nice vacation up to Jackson if it weren't for all those dad-gum greenies"
#greeny #tourists #colorado #wyoming #greenies
by PeanutP65 February 26, 2006
Amphetamines. Stimulant drug that help people perform their duties.

Used in sports, the Army, etc. Also as a diet pill.

Also referred as "beans"
Pro wrestling chews up and spits out its athletes with grueling schedules, brutal physical punishment and a tacit understanding that performance enhancers are okay—as are greenies, sleeping pills and painkillers.
#greenies #amphetamines #drugs #performance #enhacers #stimulant
by theriotfish December 30, 2008
a person who is concerned about conservation of the environment; environmentalist. Also spelled greeny.
A group of greenies has taken out a rally demanding closure of crusher factories on the countryside.
#environmentalist #environaut #ecocide #ecology #environment #conservationist
by uttam maharjan May 01, 2012
A nick-name for a person who always tries to appear better then their peers. Most commonly noticed in the form of story telling past experiences, which are most often lies.

The "green" aspect of it is a reference to the green mushrooms of any super mario game that gives you "1-up". By definition, a greenie will always try to "1-up" whatever you've just said/done to conpensate for their own lack of self worth.
Angel:I just got a new job, pays really well and I think I found a relly nice place to live with some good roomies.

Zak: yeah, I solved world hunger.

Felicia: No you didn't. Be happy for her and stop being such a 1-Up'ing greenie s.o.b.!
#mario #1-up #better #showoff #cool #liar
by Reginald McCafferty February 16, 2008
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