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A politically un-enslaved man. A man with high, definite principles. A man who does not ask for office; nor accept office. A man who votes for the best man, regardless of his party name.
Mark Twain was a mugwump.
by Mugwump81 June 02, 2013
a texas term meaning one who sits on a fence (ie his mug is on one side of the fence and his wump in on the other)

alt. a fence straddler
I have not heard the candidate state her position clearly even once. What a mug wump!
by Stella Lafayette December 03, 2004
A political fence-sitter, who won't come down on either side of the fence and tries to have things both ways. Originally an Algonquin Indian word; used in American politics for more than a century.
He was a mugwump about supporting the Iraq war. He had his mug on one side of that issue, and his wump on the other.
by Chuck Hastings June 29, 2003
To slap across the face (mug) with an erect or semi-erect penis, usually before or after oral sex.
She was feeling pretty frisky, so just for fun, I gave her a big wet mug wump after I blew my load in her face.
by Harry Armpit February 01, 2010
secrete addictive fluids from erect penis located oddly enough on their foreheads; see reptiles.
mugwumps have no liver and are nourished exclusively on sweets; "any sweets for fats?"
by dreamkurn2001 August 29, 2010
Funkiest band in New York, known to get deep down in that ass and funk it out. Also known to be personified by a small gnome/troll/wizard like dude who just wants to chill and get funky. The Mugwump.
Goin to see Mugwump tonight? Grab your hat and your monkey, cuz its time for SooooulFunky
by One Jive Ass Turkey April 19, 2005
A small, swamp-dwelling creature that subsists on skunk cabbage and likes to burrow. Mugwumps can be identified by the low "wumpwumpwumpwump" sound they make, and by their fear of any jumps other than little ones.
I'm making skunk cabbage flambé for dessert tonight because the mugwumps from the bog next door are coming over for dinner.
by El Wumpo June 23, 2011
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