A small, swamp-dwelling creature that subsists on skunk cabbage and likes to burrow. Mugwumps can be identified by the low "wumpwumpwumpwump" sound they make, and by their fear of any jumps other than little ones.
I'm making skunk cabbage flambé for dessert tonight because the mugwumps from the bog next door are coming over for dinner.
by El Wumpo June 23, 2011
An ordinary or unappealingly looking woman (or man in some cases if he is short -- see Choad) who has a broad face and short dumpy body though usually endowed with larger breasts than normal. Mugwumps will also usually have short stumpy digits.
She is a very nice girl but I can't date her because she's a mugwump.
by JStew January 13, 2006
An anal-rape monster depicted in William S. Burroughs' novel 'Naked Lunch.'

Mugwumps are depicted as having long black tongues, thin purple-blue lips, and razor sharp beaks of black bone.
On stools covered in white satin sit naked Mugwumps sucking translucent, colored syrups through alabaster straws.
by gvnterzon November 17, 2010
One who is sexually Ambivalent, having equal attraction to both male and female sexual parners.
'Let me introduce you to someone who specialises in sexual ambivalence. He is mugwump.'
- From the movie Naked Lunch by David Cronenberg 1991.
by Dvd Slut December 27, 2003
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