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Female equivalent of the male "Willy Warmer". Keeps the vagine from frosting over. Can be worn at ice rinks and on Christmas Day if you are preparing for seasonal hanky panky.
Crickey Darling, I'm shrinking up inside myself it's so cold down there. You should have worn your muff muffs!
by Hankypanky12345 September 29, 2010
a short mexican that makes muffins yo!
muff muff is always coming around with his burnt muffins
by easy squeezy April 23, 2008
The nickname for a user on Gaia Online. He's not well known (or important for that matter), but he's an awesome fella'.
He likes music.
Oh yeah, and Pokemon, fools.
"Muff Muff is teh secks!"

"Muff Muff is dandy."

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