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1. It's a Jersey thing.

2. It's a Jersey thing.

3. A hairy vagina.
Honey this is the third hair ball I coughed up this week, you really should trim your muff cabbage.
by Roberto is Pro October 15, 2010
2 7
It's a Jersey thing...
You are trash! You know what you are, you're Muff Cabbage!
by Prudence86 October 15, 2010
3 8
Used in the episode South Park "It's a Jersey thing" to make fun of the Jersey accent. The people from Jersey in the episode keep saying Muff Garbage, but everyone in South Park thinks they are saying Muff Cabbage.
Jersey woman: "You're Garbage, you're Muff Garbage!"
Normal Woman: "Did you just say Muff Cabbage?"
by Mithotyn October 14, 2010
4 9
Its a jersey thing
Your fucking Garbage, your fucking garbage.... Muff Cabbage
by 1spd Adz October 14, 2010
4 9
A Jersey Thing
Person 1: That Snooki, she sure is a muff cabbage.
Person 2: What do you mean, muff cabbage?
Person 1: Oh, its a Jersey thing
by Not_from_jersey October 14, 2010
0 5
It's a jersey thing
You're muff cabbage!
by Asian todd October 13, 2010
0 5
1. It's a Jersey thing...

2. Vagina
Snooki poxy piece of muff cabbage
by leopold stoch October 15, 2010
1 7