It's a jersey thing
You're muff cabbage!
by Asian todd October 13, 2010
A person who is so dumb/toolish/homosexual you can find no other word to describe them.
Derek: That Ryan J. kid look at him hes such a... a.... Muff Cabbage

Mike: Well put, i don't think there is any other word
by jivestturkey August 23, 2011
a smelly vagina
OMG!!! she has a muff cabbage and it stinks
by B96jhoncena March 16, 2011
Cabbage in one's muff, or pussy. This word orginated from the best show ever, South Park
Steve: FUCk YOU TENISHA, your nothing but MUFF CABBAGE
by Scottie H October 15, 2010
1. It's a Jersey thing...

2. Vagina
Snooki poxy piece of muff cabbage
by leopold stoch October 15, 2010
it is a small penisesk growth protruding from a woman's vagina.
you have cabbage in your muff
by Damien Cockburn October 15, 2010
Muff Cabbage, N - Gnarly foliage of a woman's vagina.
You are fucking Muff Cabbage
by duckwilly October 15, 2010

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