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A person or a thing that is completely horrible in what it is doing.
YO Anton that rap is Muff Cabbage.
by Dr.OrangeCola February 16, 2011
1 5
"MUFF GARBAGE," but when spoken with a thick Jersey accent it sounds like "Muff Cabbage."

Muff Garbage (or Muff Cabbage) is a term invented by the creators of the television show South Park and had no prior usage before the Oct.14, 2010 airing of the South Park episode "It's a Jersey Thing."
I'm a 14 year-old moron who is addicted to South Park, so I'm gonna start saying Muff Cabbage all the time.
by eyeballish October 16, 2010
15 19
1. Any unpleasantness (odor, hair, pimples, etc) in a woman's vaginal area. Comes from the words cabbage and muff.
2. Somebody who's being a douchebag.
1. You're garbage! You've got cabbage in your f**king muff! (South Park Jersey Shore episode)
2. That guy just cut me off! He's such a muff cabbage!
3. I was at the bar last night, and the girl I was trying to get with all night ended up hooking up with some other guy. I hope she has real bad muff cabbage.
by sup69xoxo October 15, 2010
2 6
It's a Jersey thing
by Ynottony24 October 15, 2010
2 6
Its a Jersey thing....
No you're muff cabbage.
by Frankie Two-Toes October 15, 2010
2 6
It's a jersey thing.
Snooki, you're garbage. You're muff cabbage!
by STePHaTRoN October 15, 2010
0 4
It's a Jersey thing.
Stan: "I just have one question Kyle. At Sizzler when you were yelling muff cabbage, what's muff cabbage?"

Kyle: "It's a.....it's a Jersey thing."
by x Snipezalot x October 15, 2010
3 7