1. It's a Jersey thing.

2. It's a Jersey thing.

3. A hairy vagina.
Honey this is the third hair ball I coughed up this week, you really should trim your muff cabbage.
by Roberto is Pro October 15, 2010
The vagina of a Jersey or wannabe Jersey Guidette.

Symptoms: generally accompanied with balding, smell of fresh gucci leathers, and STD creams. Commonly confused with an oompa loompa vagina due to it's "nautral" orange glow. Commonly has cabbage appearance due to its many layers and folds.

Causes: Smush Smush guido/guidette occurances after sweaty fist-pumping encounters.

Cure: unknown
You have a muff cabbage bitch!
I can smell your muff cabbage from Lodi.
What an angry muff cabbage!
by Vagius October 14, 2010
Used in the episode South Park "It's a Jersey thing" to make fun of the Jersey accent. The people from Jersey in the episode keep saying Muff Garbage, but everyone in South Park thinks they are saying Muff Cabbage.
Jersey woman: "You're Garbage, you're Muff Garbage!"
Normal Woman: "Did you just say Muff Cabbage?"
by Mithotyn October 14, 2010
A Jersey Thing
Person 1: That Snooki, she sure is a muff cabbage.
Person 2: What do you mean, muff cabbage?
Person 1: Oh, its a Jersey thing
by Not_from_jersey October 14, 2010
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