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A misinterpretation of the word "garbage" in ones vagina used by people from New Jersey. Made popular from South Park
Kyle: Youre Muff Cabbage, you got cabbage in your muff!
its a jersey thing
by TheAuthor October 15, 2010
27 20
snookie's hairy clam
The state of new jersey smells like muff cabbage
by fuck new jersey October 15, 2010
17 13
The awful smell that comes from a unwashed pussy.
I met this jersey girl last night, man did she have sum muff cabbage.
by kstan3 October 16, 2010
7 5
congealed semen or vaginal mucus in a person's pubic hair which typically peels off in leafy shapes
The citizens of New Jersey are notoriously known for their excessive muff cabbage, as they often engage in unprotected intercourse and do not postcoitally groom themselves.
by UtterlyInept May 06, 2012
2 1
when someone is full of crap or to describe a messed up situation.
"That is a huge pile of muff cabbage John! I know you are lying!"

"Wow I can't believe my car just blew up, that is just a bunch of muff cabbage"
by bizdoggette December 25, 2013
1 1
Spoiled; Social bully; A trashy, rude, selfish, loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, unlovable, unloving, individual who often thinks he/she is just misunderstood by everyone. A term widley understood as an insult to both a delicious food and the precious female organ. It is derived from two other units of american slang contractions: a) Muthafuckin = muff + b) Garbage= cabbage; spoken quickly with a Northeastern American city accent. Term was used on Comedy Central's wonderful and also very mis-understood show South Park.
Allot of hypocritical Americans are muff cabbage, ignorant of their history and roots.
by Kyle's Twin December 30, 2012
3 3
Any sort of unpleasantness going on in the muff (vagina)
Normal person: Would you please have a seat
Jersey person: WHAT?!!! Fuck you! Nobody tells me what to do! You're nothing but a piece of muff cabbage!!
Normal person: What's muff cabbage?
Jersey person: It's a Jersey thing.
by JerseyShore7779950 October 15, 2010
44 44