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A term used to ridicule the band Pantera and their fans, Formed shortly after the widespread knowledge of their glam rock era. It was also the name of a popular website from 1997 to 2004 which is widely credited as having exposed Pantera's formerly well hidden secret of having been a glam rock band in the 1980's.
Bill "Pantera rules!"
Joe "Panterrible sucks!"
by Mithotyn February 10, 2007
Used in the episode South Park "It's a Jersey thing" to make fun of the Jersey accent. The people from Jersey in the episode keep saying Muff Garbage, but everyone in South Park thinks they are saying Muff Cabbage.
Jersey woman: "You're Garbage, you're Muff Garbage!"
Normal Woman: "Did you just say Muff Cabbage?"
by Mithotyn October 14, 2010
A surfer/stoner slang for being excited, exspecialy regarding a recent occurrence.
"Dude like i'm, totaly stoped!" , "Dude I am stoped, this is awsome!" , "Oh man, i'm stoped" , "I just got my new guitar, dude i'm stoped!" "I'm stoped out man, you guys are awsome!"
by Mithotyn December 07, 2005

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