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Abbreviation for "down to train". Similar to DTF except involving multiple males and one female.
Ugly Slut: Do you guys want to dance?
Guys: Hell no, but are you DTT?

Black guys: Alaina, are you dtt?
Alaina: Absolutely. I'm here all day. You down with syphilis?
by ImHereAllDay247322 October 04, 2009
don't take it too seriously
when i make i comment such as "parents, i don't need you, i'm taking the car and never coming back", it's supposed to be your dtts moment of the day.
by sexydimma December 31, 2014
Don't take that sexually.
Person 1: "Help! It's stuck!"
Person 2: "Ha. DTTS!"
by CynandSarah June 12, 2011
DTT, short form for DOWN TO TEAM, is a term commonly used to describe 3 people ( sometimes four) who are always down to get teamed or to team others. If you are DTT you are usually a) crazy
b) wasted c) good looking and d) the life of the party.
J: Who in this tent is DTT?

B: (raises hand) How exactly would this whole thing go down?
by alwaysDTT July 18, 2010
Adj: Down To Train. A female figure willing to let more than 3 single males run a train on her.
man #1 hey man step into my Office.

man #2 lol, ok bro whats up

man #1 you tryin to get laid tonight?

man #2 it can happen ya lol

man #1 well, you se the girl over there in the corner? she's DTT.

man #2 whats DTT?


man #2 hahahahahaahhahaha
by that ricer kid November 09, 2009
Similar to DTF, but replace "fuck" with "threesome."
guy: "I was at a bar chatting up a beautiful girl when I saw my girlfriend heading my way. I freaked out, but then it turned out that she was DTT."
by enlightened jen December 31, 2008
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