The act of multiple people releasing fecal matter on a single person's upright chest, creating an effect similsr to a mudslide.
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Before sex a male eats a whole plate of brownies by himself and holds it in then just before intercourse he takes a laxative. During sex the male begins to have diareah in the girls mouth, it will overflow and run down into her vagina like a mudslide, where u then proceed in fisting her asshole until shit erupts out of her asshole. mudslide
Dude, i just ate a whole thing of brownies think im gunna give my girl a mudslide
by hornymom210 March 06, 2014
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A question you ask a friend when you catch their eyes buried in a black/latin girls large chest.


Cuz your eyes were buried in that chicks chest?
by Gen. Kumar August 05, 2009
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When a Milky Way (or equal nougat type candy bar) is placed in an anus and then eaten out of the anus it becomes called a mudslide.

(This may also be know in some circles as the "Dirty Torrez." The two are synonymous.)
Lets take this to another level with a mudslide.

Who wants to mudslide with me?
I had a great mudslide last night.

by ECJEDI April 07, 2014
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when someone defacates on anothers head or body and urinates on said defacation to create an effect of a mudslide down ones person.
dude i was with this german chick last night, and she wanted me to shit on her face, then piss on it! total mudslide!! nasty!!
by greasy monkey February 12, 2011
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A bunch of black people falling, or rushing, down a hill.
Once the KFC bucket was placed at the bottom of the hill, the mudslide began.
by Friggus Niggus Biggus Tissus February 06, 2017
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