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An alcoholic beverage that is way too pretty or feminine. These drinks are usually characterized by lots of whipped cream, multiple fruit decorations and/or umbrellas. Also, they tend to be low in alcohol content.
My friend Ted really likes foo-foo drinks. He always orders something like a pina colada, strawberry daquri or an appletini. What a puss.
by Lumpy76 December 08, 2005
The act of flushing the toilet a second time because the first flush did not evacuate all the poo/vomit and tp.
After eating Taco Bell last night my first crap this morning required a double flush.
by Lumpy76 December 09, 2005
When you leave shit streaks in the toilet bowl after taking a dump and flushing. This is usually caused by heavy consumption of light beer causing your stool to be loose but not quite diahrrea.
I left a mudslide in Bill's toilet this morning after drinking a lot of Natty Light yesterday. Sorry Bill.
by Lumpy76 December 08, 2005
An airliner that flies between two high-tech cities. It is likely that the majority of the passengers will be nerds.
I'm taking the Nerd Bird from Austin to San Jose.
by Lumpy76 December 07, 2005

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