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Either a hetero or homosexual maneuver where subject is railed up the crap-hole and then mushroom- slapped across the face with the shit-covered dong in a side-to-side motion.
Dude, I totally gave her the "Muddy Rudder" and she didn't even complain.
by DudeMcSweet July 13, 2003
A variation of the "Dutch Rudder".

During anal sex, you pull out, you grab your "muddy" dick, your partner takes hold of your forearm and "helps" you masturbate.
Last night, my girlfriend finished off our evening of crazy sex with the muddy rudder. It was awesome!
by jimmy2time January 22, 2010
When you poop on girl's breasts and then motorboat them.
I got pink eye from performing the muddy rudder last night.
by Terrance McGillicuddy October 31, 2010
When you are doing someone anally and they diarrhea on your cock. Then you take out your cock and cock slap repetitively switching from left to right cheek (face cheek).
In order to spice up their marriage Bill and Kate tried doing the muddy rudder.

It took Kate a long time to get the shit off her face after Bill preformed the muddy rudder on her.

I was doing her in the back side and then she got the runs, so i gave her the muddy rudder.
by UMOMcFly November 21, 2007
A nautical technique used to direct sailboat's when the rudder is broken. One party on the boat inserts his penis into another's anus, thereby placing fecal matter on the penis to use for grip. The penis is then dipped in the water to provide direction to the craft.
We were in a tight spot when the boat lost it's steering, but I used a muddy rudder to get us back on course.
by dave invented it May 14, 2006

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