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Australian colloquial slang term Part dance-move, part seduction technique, the mudcrab involves the protagonist sidling up to unsuspecting members of the opposite sex (optional) on the dance floor, and without wasting time formally introducing themselves or initiating a civilised conversation, proceeds to bump and/or grind against them. This is generally to the dismay of the victim, unless performed during the optimal period for the manouevre, between the hours of 1 and 3am.
Can't wait to mudcrab some hotties this weekend.
by Fingers Stewart October 24, 2010
a small, weak, defenceless creature with a hard shell. like sto roll about in large quantities of mud. more like a lobster than a crab. often scares equally weak peasants.
the mud crab is easy to kill on in the province of cyrodiil
by -=jurgen=- April 01, 2006
An excessively fake-tanned male with a larger upper body, ill-proportioned to his skinny crab legs. Often caught at the Normanby, Brisbane but native to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.
"Hey Davo, look at those mudcrabs on their way to Stezza."

"Wow, Jimbo has been hitting the shred shed quite a bit lately. He looks like a mudcrab."
by #Justwaitingforamuddy November 07, 2015
The result of having anal intercourse on a regular basis with a woman with an excess amount of pubic hair in the area of the gooch,which results in fecal matter becomeing lodged in the hair which, resembles a crab.
I railed Jessica in the butt last night and this morning when i went back for more, she had a bad case of mud crabs.
by Greg Mow-Chow January 31, 2007
When you get crabs in the hair lining of your anus.
Fred's bum was itchy due to the mud crabs he got from his one night stand.
by Dogdevourer February 25, 2008
1) Noun; someone that struggles/fails at life, someone that can't do anything well.

2) Adjective; describing the poor efforts of an action.
1) I played so bad in that game i was such a mudcrab
2) Wow that was such a mudcrab effort when you tried to ride that bike
by mudcrab12 March 30, 2012
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