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Mud whistle, also known as "asshole" is just another term for your chocolate starfish.

Comes from the movie "Shallow Hal"
"Jesus, I think I ate to much taco bell yesterday, my mud whistle is bleeding"
by Massivo December 16, 2004
another name for your asshole
that chick has an onion booty that could make a grown man cry. Im trying to stick it in her mud whistle.
by dougherty sean November 28, 2009
A term of endearment for a good friend when your breaking his balls.
Hey mudwhistle, lets go to the pub and grab a few pints.
by Heckler1 February 15, 2006
While two men are having anal sex the one on top pulls out so fast that it creates a whistling sound
Hey, did you mudwhistle Steve? I heard it while making a sammich last night.
by enviousdk April 19, 2011
The name given to an individual who likes to dabble in the fine art of the ass eating of a person of the opposite sex.
Yo Mudwhistle !!!! Get your tounge out of that Ho's ass and get a job.

Oh My God...did Mudwhistle really use a baby wipe to clean that chicks ass before he ate it.

Does Mudwhistle really carry around baby wipes just in case he picks up a female at the bar?
by skidplate1 March 31, 2009
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