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A Mud Room is most commonly used to refer to one's asshole, anus, rectum, sphincter, brown round, brown eye, red eye, juicy brown, turd cutter, poop chute, cable dropper, gravy blaster.
Roger was feeling extra horny this evening so he asked his girlfriend Tonya if he could spend a little time in her Mud Room. Tonya was more than willing and let Roger dive into her Juicy Brown.
by Sal Manilla April 26, 2014
A place where a rather small, greasy animal is usually kept.

Also, a place to watch for UPS men, Happy Hip dog treats and the occasional bout of Tick Medicine.
Casper has been in the mud room stinking all day, will someone please let him out!
by Dacasperness November 24, 2010
A word "irix" made up to convince us all he doesn't have a room full of D&D crap where he plays MUDs. He claims it is a place to put dirty shoes, but by his own admission, houses ancient SGI hardware.
<irix> I have a worthless quad proc origin 2000 sitting in my mud room : (
by ribo October 23, 2006
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