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Juicy Brown is an alternative expression for the asshole, bung, shit chute, turd cutter, pipe cutter, dirt hole, mud pit, brown eye, cornhole, rectum, anus.

Juicy Brown can be used to:
1. Discreetly refer to the anus when the situation requires discretion.
2. Refer to an individual in a derogatory manner.
3. Describe the anal area in terms of one's thorough enjoyment of pleasuring this zone through acts such as analingus and anal sex.

1. Excuse me Carl, I have a little emergency. I need to step out and check on Juicy Brown. I will be right back.

2. Frank stop being a dick. Sometimes you are a real Juicy Brown.

3. Tony: What's up Roger? How was your date last night with Tonya?

Roger: It was sweet Brohh!!! She is super wild!

Tony: What did ya do Braaahhh?

Roger: Went down and had me a little Juicy Brown!

Tony: Sounds yummy!
by Peter Stiffins March 11, 2014

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