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v. (mubarak-mubaraked-mubaraken) - to stick to something/ adhere closely to/ glue
- If you don't shut up right now, I'll mubarak you to the wall.

- We'll never get out of here, we're mubaraken forever.
by Guacamole Monster February 07, 2011
2 2
v. mubarak, mubarked, mubarking

1- to stick or attach to something and never leave as if with pins or nails.
2- to fasten or attach to your presidential chair with an adhesive material, such as super glue or tape.


1- A strong sticky adhesive such as super glue.
2- a human like insect that sucks your blood, like a giant leech.
Don't mubarak your nose into other people's business.

I was mubaraked in traffic for two hours today.

This asshole clinged to the throne like a mubarak.
by oldhippie February 05, 2011
3 3
1.(v.) To stick something, or to glue something.

2.(adj.) slow to learn or understand.

3.(n.): a psychotic ex-girlfriend who fails to understand it's over.
- I will punch you and Mubarak you to the wall
- You can Mubarak the pieces to hold them together
- Why do you have to be so mubarak?!
by myself219 February 25, 2011
0 1
An ass that won't quit.
Damn, girl, you've got a mubarak!
by humanoid1234 February 17, 2011
0 1
A great ass that just don't quit!
Damn Girl, you got a Mubarak! That thing just don't stop, Grrrr!!!!
by mikecheck6 February 12, 2011
0 1
to stick on something
Jaafari is mubaraking us
You Shut Up or I'll mubarak you to the wall
I invited a friend round for dinner last night, but didn't leave till 12 despite my yawns. he really Mubaraked
by kelbliile February 12, 2011
0 1
To fail to take an obvious hint and stick around.
They really mubaraked last night after dinner.
by Eqyptian February 11, 2011
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