A great ass that just don't quit!
Damn Girl, you got a Mubarak! That thing just don't stop, Grrrr!!!!
by mikecheck6 February 12, 2011
to stick on something
Jaafari is mubaraking us
You Shut Up or I'll mubarak you to the wall
I invited a friend round for dinner last night, but didn't leave till 12 despite my yawns. he really Mubaraked
by kelbliile February 12, 2011
Mubarak was the 30-year president of Egypt who refused to step down from office even when millions of people in his country took to the streets demanding his departure in 2011.

So, a Mubarak, is a crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that refuses to believe your relationship is over even after you have told them you don't want to see them anymore.

Jane: UGH! Mark keeps calling me and leaving me voicemails

telling me he loves me and to give him another chance.

Jihan: Ewwww! What a Mubarak!
by LoveEgypt February 11, 2011
To fail to take an obvious hint and stick around.
They really mubaraked last night after dinner.
by Eqyptian February 11, 2011
Mubarak (v.): To stick something, or to glue something .
" I will punch you, and mubarak you to the wall"

Or " you can mubarak the pieces to hold them together" !
by angelicdevil00 February 11, 2011
An ass that wont quit
Damn Girl, you got a mubarak
by sanchezjalapeno February 10, 2011
Mubarak(v.): To stick something, or to glue something.

Mubarak (adj.): slow to learn or understand.

Mubarak (n.): a psychotic ex-girlfriend who fails to understand it's over
I will punch you and mubarak you to the wall.

Why are you so mubarak?

I guess this mubarak doesn't know what changing the locks means.
by Anonymooz February 10, 2011

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