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A very violent person who uses excuses such as "didn't mean to" or "Luna told me to do it" to avoid getting in trouble.

He is a very dangerous person to be near and shouldn't be approached. This "Luna" is the voice he hears inside his head that tells him to do things otherwise Luna will destroy everything, Luna has no gender. Luna also is not real, Muaaz has created Luna as a split personality. Muaaz has learnt a whole inventory of attack moves since his progression into terrorism 4 year ago. These include:-
Spinny Kick (a kick where he spins 360 degrees and then violently kicks the foe)

BOMB! (Where he randomly opens his jacket & shouts BOMB in a public place to provoke panic)

Scizzorz Nizzorz (little is known about this attack but he randomly thinks it okay to jab scissors scarily close to the foe's face/left orbital bone.

& His favourite 9/11 where he flies 2 planes into well-known American landmarks. Muaaz was very proud.

Possibly the scariest thing about Muaaz is that he thinks that everything he does is okay and has a warped moral conscience. All forms of violence are A-okay to him and he has no sense of right or wrong.

He is racially confused despite being obviously asian.

We love you Muaaz, but please don't kill us.-Sam
He's in a Muaaz mood today
by GoGoPanda December 13, 2010
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