To have a bad reaction to monosodium glutamate (MSG), a white crystalline compound used as a flavor enhancer in foods.
Ow, my stomach lining! I've been MSG'd!
by Ehrik August 03, 2003
Top Definition
Food poisoning obtained from Pan-Asian Cuisine.
THE UGLY ONE: OW! My stomach lining!
by Gamex July 07, 2003
What happens when you ate some oriental cuisine, and the MSG burns your stomach. See Teen Girl Squad 3.
MSG'd! AAh! my stomach!
by J. Wo May 19, 2003
Can also mean "ripped off by filler substances in the food".

What happens when you leave a restaurant full and arrive home twenty minutes later hungry.
I swear I ate three plates of food at that buffet restaurant, and I'm hungry again. I've been MSG'd
by AYB May 21, 2003
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