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A term intended to be derogatory; used against young, skinny, good-looking, Japanese/Italian men named Jimmy who are visiting the "armpit of America", also known as Detroit, MI. The term "Pan-Asian" is often used by corpulent, balding, middle-aged white males wearing XXL Hawaiian-print button up shirts while drunkenly bragging about running for Congress, as a result of being told they would get zero votes for the fact that they are "douche-bags". Sidenote: these fat white men do not appreciate being thwarted by the infamous "fakeshake" maneuver, wherein said Pan-Asian offers to shake hands, and instead quickly pulls hand away to comb side of head and obnoxiously yells, "Psyche!"
"I'm gonna kick your Pan-Asian ass, motherfucker!"
by Jessica and Jimmy July 01, 2008
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