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Fake Penis for Packing in Your Pants, akin to a dildo BUT only intended to be worn for show in underwear. FTM trans. sometimes wear these, or men with a small package who want to appear larger. Brand Name.
I was packing my Mr. Softie in my panties and he fell out.
Mr. Softie sure looks better than a roll of Quarters in your pants.
by fixitman July 01, 2010
5 0
the act of taking a really soft, continous shit. It's as if your ass is a Cravel soft ice-cream machine and the flavor is always chocolate.
Damn, that mr. softie I just took sure smells really bad, but feels so good!
by lavazza July 28, 2006
11 10
another name for Mr. bill Gates CEO of Microsoft
mr. softie beats core hog 's & screams @ http ( lingo writers ) and snorts @ C++ guys, I want BUG free code or no one goes home.. BACK to BACK all-nighters!!!!
by itichie_nocanpo October 04, 2006
3 11