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the term used to describe when you feel a diarrhea shit coming on, but all that comes out is air and a fine mist of shit.
Oh, man I blew up that bathroom with my aerosol ass!
by lavazza July 27, 2006
a bowel movement, accompanied by excessive gas
I took a gassy shit last night after all that fuckin' Mexican food.
by lavazza July 27, 2006
the act of taking a really soft, continous shit. It's as if your ass is a Cravel soft ice-cream machine and the flavor is always chocolate.
Damn, that mr. softie I just took sure smells really bad, but feels so good!
by lavazza July 28, 2006
a penis; another way to say dick
Shut the fuck up bitch and play a melody on my skin horn!
by lavazza July 25, 2006
a stupid, red-neck hick who doesn't know any better. A backward person with no social skills, manners, or sense of style.
Gosh, he smells like garlic and has the gawdiest house in the neighborhood, what a cafon!
by lavazza July 25, 2006

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