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When a woman loves a man enough to drop to her knees and motorboat her significant others testi. This always ends with an ejaculation somewhat similar in scale to a prostate orgasm, only not homosexual.
Tyrone: yo, mang dat bitch motorbating me all good, i was like daaaaayum.

Jamal: Shiiiit Maaayn
by chadwardenlikesdick March 26, 2011
The act of masturbating while in a car.
Motorbating helps Sandy stay awake when she needs to drive along on long trips.
by Kate Charlton August 07, 2008
(verb) To love looking at a car so much that you feel that you may just be able to masturbate to it.
Guy 1: what we're you doing for an hour, alone in the garage?
Guy 2: Hmm? Nothing. Just uhh... you know lookin' at my new 67' Shelby...
Guy 1: Eww. Dude. You weren't motorbating to it were you?
Guy 2: No. No! of... course not...
Guy 1: ....Why the fuck do I even hang out with you?
by C.C. JAW VIII December 03, 2013
Motorbating: is the act of a guy motor boating a girl's tities while masterbating at the same time.
Damn I was motorbating that hoe last night!!!!
by Trip T March 10, 2009
Motorboating your penis until you ejaculate on a woman's breasts.
Did you see that video of the president motorbating Oprah?
by GBID June 12, 2011