in the yiddish language, means pretty, or beautiful.
Shayna maidela!

you look so shayna tonight sweetie.
by fhyugtrggh August 06, 2006
shayna is an adorable girl with an awesome personality.
she is chill with just about anything and is pretty willing to random things that are crazy. she likes to do things most girls wouldnt: (video games,guns,sports) She is a very caring person will always be there for her friends when they are in need. she loves to have fun and even though she can be awkward at times, you will laugh no matter what.

usally has brown hair and brown eyes and is super hot! she is a bit of a tease but in the end she will be worth it
guy: "what's up shayna?"

shayna: "oh nothing.. just pwning some noobs on CoD"

guy: "haha sweet!"

shayna: "yeah...... hehe;)"
by i want to ride my bicycle July 21, 2011
The most amazing person ever. Most likely to succeed in life and is always beautiful.
Wow, she's such a Shayna.
by alwaysintheworld March 15, 2011
Very attractive and beautiful girl. Very funny but shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her a little better she is loud and crazy. Very honest and mostly intelligent. Usually has brown hair with blue or brown eyes. Can be a bit of a tease but she is worth. Very active and enjoys sports. Anyone's lucky to have her, defiantly an amazing girl
Person 1: Yah I'm shayna

Person 2 : OMG wow your so pretty i heard so many good things about you
by Asf456 April 13, 2013
A very amazing person. Someone you want to be around. Can be complicated but that doesn't matter because you will love them once you get to know them. You would want to be with them every moment of your life. There beautiful and as dime as it gets. There good for cleaning up after you and doing things you want them to. Specially for Jacobs.
"Hey Shayna, teach me your football skills NOW." "okay no problem"
by Jacob Crouse December 10, 2012
A smart, athletic and sweet young girl. She is also very wet and tight and guys really lust for her. She is the best and is great in relationships, but don't forget how tight she is!
"Wow Id love to date Shayna, I heard she's wet & tight!"
by Niicckkk October 10, 2014
A total bitch ass slut that is fucking retarded. Males stay away.
"I think I like Shayna"

"No bro, she is a total bitch ass slut and is fucking retarded. Stay away."
by AnothaPlaya December 30, 2011

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