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when a woman motorboats a fat man's titties while jacking him off
shayna motorbated sam on her lunch break.

she motorboated his moobs while jacking off his cock.
by bubbalous116 July 22, 2010
The act of masturbating while in a car.
Sandy motorbates to stay awake when she needs to drive along on long trips.
by Kate Charlton August 07, 2008
to masturbate whilst motorboating a woman
i'd motorbate that
those tits look great, but theyd look better with me motorbating them
im going to motorbate the fuck out of you later
by JonStonehill March 05, 2011
Masterbating while motorboating some boobies
Biff needs to motorbate to get the job done.
by voodoobaby11 January 02, 2012
(verb) 1. the act of motorboating another's breasts while masturbating. 2. masturbating to the thought of motorboating another's breasts.
1) Look at Aimee motorbate that girl. 2) I'm going to motorbate to Jae's boobs last night.
by Hairy Peter October 11, 2012
To motorboat oneself
Big-Boobed Beryl: "Whoa, I can totally motorbate with these puppies!"

Tiny-Titted Tracy: "What's that you're doing Beryl?"

Big-Boobed Beryl: "You're too small to learn motorbation"


See motorboat motorbate motorbation motorbated orabation
by louleykrista August 03, 2011
To masturbate while fantasizing about motorboating someone with large breasts.
After getting shot down by the girl at the bar with huge titties, Dan went home to motorbate and dream of the day he would tear a whole in them with his stubble.
by sb2013 September 06, 2009
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