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A Giant Moth that tries to fight Godzilla.

90% of the time she gets her ASS kicked.
Omg it's Mothra come to save us!

*Watches as mothra is blasted out of the sky by Godzilla*

by Gosujames February 13, 2005
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Benevolent winged goddess.
by Anonymous May 17, 2003
New Zealand street slang for Morphine, Diamorphine and Heroin. Also can be shortened to Moth.
"Hey did you get any Mothra today?"
by Emmainallnewflavour July 01, 2006
A film submitted for entry as part of the student film festival at Otago University, New Zealand. The festival is known as 'The Mothras' as, in the grand tradition of b-movies (such as those starring the original Mothra), most of the films submitted have a low, low budget - resulting in 'innovative' special effects, 'interesting' acting and general hillarity.
Q. Did you see that Mothra about the gorillas in the shower?
A. Yeah man, I think they called it 'Gorillas In Our Midst'
by Carl P August 24, 2006
Officially known as a motherfuckin' crane fly, it's one of those big-ass mosquito-looking mofos that fly around your dorm room. They don't bite or really do fucking anything but run into the wall, but you have to just kill them because they freak out any bitches that you might have over.
Go to sleep, bitch! Die mothra-fucker, die!
by Nick D June 01, 2003
General word to say to break the silence.
(your in a room with people and nobody is talkin) ...Mothra!
by Mike March 18, 2004
Synonym for mofo, often used as a comparison.
It's snowing like a mothra out there.
by Andrea February 22, 2004

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