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One of the Best summer camps in the world.
-Amel: "Wow mom, i just went to the best summer camp in the world, called Moshava!"
-mom: "Really now"
-Amel: "Yeah, i learned about Social Justice, Zionism, Hagshama, socialism, and Judaism"
by Ethan Miller March 06, 2006
the best camp in the world which helps you have the best life possible.
"Moshava is awesome!" Akiva said to Yoel, Justin, and Joey after experiencing the best summer ever.
by Akiva August 18, 2003
A conservative jewish summer camp. Their staff thought it would be a good idea to put their camp in the dictionary for free advertising. Exactly what is urban about this? Shitheads.
Camp Moshava offers free circumcisions.
by 23471-18781850123708573 August 30, 2005

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