A mort is an unusually big vagina wart, also know as a pussy pimple.
Yo, I was fuckin' that girl Nefertitti until i saw that ugly ass mort
by jackald April 15, 2006
Mort, shortened version of Mortified commonly used in Ireland.
Claire:did you see those pictures I uploaded of Sarah being drunk? Bet she's mort.
by cobcob April 25, 2012
A versatile word which can be used to describe a female in both a negative or positive manner when describing a female.
Positive: Cor! Check out that tidy little mort!


Negative: Jesus, look at the state of that dirty old mort!
by themort June 24, 2011
someone who's fucked up in the brain, sick, ugly, annoying, stupid and just generally a total spong!!!!
Chelsea: see chloe she's a total mort!
Dale: OH AYE!!
Chelsea: LOL!
Emma: i agree, silly mort
by Morthater June 04, 2010
Anything used to describe someone who lacks sense of life, looks dumbfounded, and has only a limited ability to learn and understand. Often excluded from society.
Jennifer Jacqueline Wells is all muck, she's such a mort!
by Kenzington the 1st March 29, 2011
Girl.Girl friend.
Think it may have originated during Napoleonic wars. 'Mort' as in death as in slang for catching syphilis from a female.
..going to see my mort. Had my mort with me. Used a lot around ports.
by Mr Passing through August 04, 2008
A man who is completely without spine in the sense that he is a complete doormat. Also known as a doormort.
Mort you have no spine!
by Toam August 13, 2006

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