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sassy girl that always has something smart to say to everything. very loud and sometimes the volume of her voice can annoy people, particularly bar staff. She likes to win trifectas.
She didn't stop talking the whole time. She's such a morts
by mcdarcington January 05, 2010
word used to describe girls only just above the legal age of sexual consent whose promiscuity is evident from the way they dress, act and carry themselves in public. Boys will use this word to display their desire for a sexual encounter with such a female.
tonight im gonna go find me a dirty little mort to take home
by Mort Hunter May 13, 2011
A really good looking beast that gets the babes
Whoa!! Have you seen Mort yet!! I love him!!
by ygwygyxewuehcewhchvhv March 26, 2013
1. (noun) A degenerate; one who is unproductive, lazy
2. (noun) An individual with a lack of intelligence.
3. (adj) defeated, lifeless, usually as a result of dire circumstances.
1. Did you get your OSSD yet, or are you still a mort?

2. That mort can't even spell his name.

3. (a) That guy sniffed lines until he was all mort.
(b) He lives all mort by himself, in a shithole apartment.
by Rich6 May 27, 2005
A person who lacks any good looks or intelligence, does stupid retarded mistakes all the time, often referred to as a cross between a mole and a wart
Ugly Brenda fell on her face again..... The mort
by Crim_boi June 10, 2014
Morts are rare types of people, and are usually mouse lemurs. They can be human, and are usually short and are try hards in both education and games, for example GTA or Call of Duty. Their lives are often ruined by people being better than them at the game. Their tribe usually names them "Harry".
That mort was so bad at COD! He told us that we had ruined his life.
by qwerty123qwertyasdf November 04, 2013
Member of an exclusive friendship group which is renowned for drinkin loads, doin criminal damage, pissin people off who dont matter, and nobbin random slags.
Mort 1: S'apnin
Mort 2: F'kin chillin innit, just fuckin chinned some car into another car by openin the door and takin the handbrake off and it rolled down the fuckin hill
Mort 1: Sound. Do u reckon the guy who owns the car will be fussed?
Mort 2: Dont give a fuck. He's a goof.
by Sketcher mort January 15, 2011