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4 definitions by Vicksy

When all the Dickheads go out every Friday Night cos they think there cool and hard, they only go to get drunk, have a fight, smoke weed and then shag someone.
Rachel: OMG! You've got to come out this Friday Night, so we can have a brawl with those bitches in town.

Sammy: No Thank-You, I've got to do my Coursework Tonight.
by Vicksy December 09, 2005
57 38
One of the shittest towns in England, full of chavs and dickheads and gossiping motherfuckers.

'Where do you live?'
'God that place is one mighty Shithole'
'Thats Right'

Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
by Vicksy July 02, 2006
23 8
A Supermarket Chain, Mostly found in Yorkshire
'Lets all go down to Morrisons and get some grub'
by Vicksy July 03, 2006
27 14
A Male who is so drop dead Gorgeous he is WHITE Hot!
Vicky: God that Guy is White Hot
Emily: You'll Telling me!
by Vicksy April 20, 2006
9 24