An ass of epic standings. An ass that makes crowds turn, women cry tears of jealousy and men jizz in their pants. A supreme mixture of all that is wanted in a woman's ass.
Man: I was sitting at my desk when I saw this beautiful Morris just walk on by. I couldn't stop looking, and before I knew it, I was up and out of my seat following her in a daze.

Woman: Those guys see a "Morris" when all I see is a slutty bitch that only knows how to seduce her way through life.
by Nathan Steel November 02, 2011
Morris- An aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance, style and Zeitgeist.Having the quality of being good or wholesome.
1. Getting laid by chicks is soooooo morris.
2."God, Hitman is morris to the max."
by Nato163 November 26, 2007
The act of ejaculation on a females sphincter then slurping it up and spitting it into her mouth
So I was with a hooker last night and I totally gave her the morris
by cherokee rat July 01, 2010
a scum bag, loser, ass hole, or just anyone who is acting like a poser. they are usually mean and try to impress others. They usually hang on the coat tails of the popular kids
that Morris is pissing me off. he is a total chode
by huhhuh1 April 13, 2008
Answer to question that means neither true, nor false.
Anonymous Friend:
"Hey Jimmy, did you put true or false for the answer to question five on that test?"

"Actually, I couldn't make up my mind, so I put MORRIS."
by ELJoe March 09, 2009
To morris is to complusively bullshit.
To tell a story that is some way off the truth

Also known as a greenall
Man 1: I shagged a milf in the toilets last night
Man 2 (to man 3): Do you smell a morris
Man 3: Sure do
by gydw June 04, 2009
To pick up all the cash and pay by credit card when dining with a group at a restaurant.
Dudes, I'm short on cash so I'm going to morris the bill
by Julia Buftowski June 21, 2006
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