A cute girl who is fly as absolute hell. She is known for having mad respect for everyone. She is a complete bad-ass mother fucker! She seems ok at first, but if you get to know her, then she is the most HILARIOUS girl you could ever meet. She usually has brown or hazel eyes and long brown hair. Even though she isn't a blonde, she is usually always a BEAUTIFUL brunette. Somebody with the name Morgan is almost ALWAYS willing to hook up with any guy that makes her feel great. She loves it when guys put their arm around her, and when they give her piggy back rides. A Morgan is an amazing kisser, usually with much experience and dedication. She doesn't push any guy to do things they don't want to, and she will always be loyal to the guy she loves. She is usually on the shorter side. Somebody who's name is Morgan can eaisly be the girl that you fall for. And i can promise you, she usually makes you fall hard, really hard.
Wow, that girl Morgan is so beautiful and fly as hell.
by jakemichaelmiller1111 July 15, 2013
A Morgan is a friend who is very funny, and can play the trumpet. She is good at making you laugh, and coming up with plans. Morgans are amazing at keeping secrets (unless they are about said Morgan) and keeping inside jokes going. A Morgan has many names to
=D <------ Morgan
by fineIwillUseSomethingElseThen January 22, 2013
A man who likes to play the organ whilst naked
I'm glad Chris Martin isn't a morgan player
by truthspeaker123+321 November 18, 2011
Morgan is an amazing girl that everyone loves! She has big boobs and an even bigger heart.
Did you see the size of her chest? She is a Morgan
by Big Jonyy August 30, 2014
The biggest man slut you will ever meet, he is such a whore that he might as well be named Bukkake, or rather call a bukkake "Morgan"
Oh man Bert totally got Morgan'd last night
by Summer777 December 30, 2013
Name. A 'Morgan' is a person of unmatched sexuality and mystery. A Morgan maintains a high level of wit and charecter. If you spark his interest, he will provide a love uniquely for you. He is passionate, true and confident. He has a way of making you feel like you're the only one.
He is so sexy and mysterious. He must be a 'morgan'!
by lyn1177 January 29, 2014
A very random guy, that loves to make people laugh. He's very "adorkable" and friendly. Likes to make himself at home. He's smart and can be sarcastic at times. His jokes can be controversial, yet funny. He is considered handsome, or "man pretty." Has a great smile, which shows how friendly he can be. Love to workout, especially swim. Also, an Alaskan farm-boy. Has attractive and great friends. Normally attracts female friends, rather than male. Normally a ladies man.
Ha ha ha, you must be a Morgan. I can tell because you're so funny!
by friendofMorgan October 15, 2013

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