Morgan is the best. She has the most wonderful eyes that I would die for and her hair is so long. She Is always there for me and I couldn't live without her. Nobody messes with her cause I guess she's 'rocky balboa'. She constantly asks if I'm okay and hates when I don't answer her cause she thinks I've fell out with her. She always sticks up for me even though I don't want her to. Deep inside she has a sensitive side that nobody sees but I know it's there.
Morgan is the best thing that happened to me
by Nobody will know February 22, 2015
A guy who is really annoyed at everyone thinking Morgan is just a girl's name.
Friend: "Hey have you met Morgan?"
Other Friend: "No, what's she like?"
Friend: "Actually it's a he."
by Morgan the Man January 05, 2015
A complete weirdo. Often flirts with male teachers, but not to get better grades, just for fun. Always gets up in peoples' personal space. Very persistent.
"Why doesn't anyone like me?"
"Because you're a Morgan!"
"Oh...that explains a lot then! Want to be friends?"
by dargondaemon October 09, 2014
Name. A 'Morgan' is a person of unmatched sexuality and mystery. A Morgan maintains a high level of wit and charecter. If you spark his interest, he will provide a love uniquely for you. He is passionate, true and confident. He has a way of making you feel like you're the only one.
He is so sexy and mysterious. He must be a 'morgan'!
by lyn1177 January 29, 2014
A Morgan is a friend who is very funny, and can play the trumpet. She is good at making you laugh, and coming up with plans. Morgans are amazing at keeping secrets (unless they are about said Morgan) and keeping inside jokes going. A Morgan has many names to
=D <------ Morgan
by fineIwillUseSomethingElseThen January 22, 2013
Beautiful woman with a wonderful personality. All males are naturally attracted to her. She has a wonderful personality and she is very smart!
Dude 1" Morgan Is So Hot!"
Dude 2 "I was Gonna ask her on a date"
Dude 1 " Fuck Off She's Mine!!"
Dude 3 " I already asked her on a Date!! She said no though."
by MorganHopeCross March 27, 2015
Morgan is an amazing girl that everyone loves! She has big boobs and an even bigger heart.
Did you see the size of her chest? She is a Morgan
by Big Jonyy August 30, 2014

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