The biggest man slut you will ever meet, he is such a whore that he might as well be named Bukkake, or rather call a bukkake "Morgan"
Oh man Bert totally got Morgan'd last night
by Summer777 December 30, 2013
A very random guy, that loves to make people laugh. He's very "adorkable" and friendly. Likes to make himself at home. He's smart and can be sarcastic at times. His jokes can be controversial, yet funny. He is considered handsome, or "man pretty." Has a great smile, which shows how friendly he can be. Love to workout, especially swim. Also, an Alaskan farm-boy. Has attractive and great friends. Normally attracts female friends, rather than male. Normally a ladies man.
Ha ha ha, you must be a Morgan. I can tell because you're so funny!
by friendofMorgan October 15, 2013
A man who likes to play the organ whilst naked
I'm glad Chris Martin isn't a morgan player
by truthspeaker123+321 November 18, 2011
Morgan is beautiful funny flee a good dancer loyal she speak her mind flawless bad temper smile that bright up the world
{if you have a morgan keep her}
by cutegang May 16, 2015
Morgan is an extremely beautiful person. When you first meet Morgan she is very quiet and shy. Once you get to know her however she will make you wonder why you ever thought she was boring. Morgan is funny and sarcastic. Sometimes she can be hard to handle but if you stay with her she will love you forever. Morgan is emotional and when she falls for someone, she falls hard. Morgan has the most beautiful blue or green eyes you've ever seen. She's not perfect. She's curvy and thick. She has long, beautiful, soft hair. If you are ever lucky enough to find a Morgan you should definitley make sure you keep her forever.
"Wow I have got to meet a Morgan, they sound amazing!"
by lovedbutlonely March 14, 2015
A lame ass twat bitch with a smelly pussy
She's such a Morgan.
by Rrhutfffjii May 04, 2015
A girl with a sparkling personally

A creative, talented, deep girl with a strong loving open heart she is one of the funniest people your will ever meet in your life you will be lucky to have her she is very sensitive and things can be very hard because of how stubborn she can be but she is beautiful no matter what she cares so much about people but never knows when to let her gard down

She worries a lot about the people she loves and is afraid to do anything wrong, but is also afraid to be alone or forgotten a morgan is the girl who will love everyone and exsept everyone for who they are no matter what

Her personally is perfection but so are he looks her brown eyes bring out the difference that she can do the world her red hair brings out how hot and sexy she is with the beautiful smile that could light up a million stars

Never let her because you will never have a girl like this ever again
"Wow, that girl is beautiful in every way."

"She must be a Morgan."
by Lostlover5292 April 21, 2015

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