To be the most unattractive person in the world. A raunchy little girl. A bum.
Someone who is not cute and who hates on others. Leader of the "thots". Someone you might want to stay FARRRRR away from!
"Who is this? Do you know her? She's rude, ugly and she keeps lurking on my Instagram!"

"Omg, girl! That's a Morgan ass bitch!"
by YellowMeLLow November 14, 2014
An unintelligent person. Often uses English improperly and lives a low class lifestyle ie. under a bridge with trolls or uses the word dumb in the plural form unnecessarily
That girl is a real Morgan.
by don't read inside dogs November 13, 2014
Morgan is one of the biggest stoners you can ever meet, he is either high or a little bit high 24/7. He has one of the best personalities you will ever encounter though and his eyes are to die for when they aren't bloodshot. A real ladies man when he wants to be but usually does his own thing with his many friends.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy with his friends over there"
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's a real Morgan"
by McFeeFee August 18, 2014
Nickname for the word "Nigger" so its ok for white people to say "Morgans!!" but really they mean "Nigger"
ya Damn Morgans
by Willbur Excalibur November 07, 2010
A morgan: to lie about a crazy story that sound not very believable.
My mate pulled a Morgan just then, he said that if you eat burnt toast it gives you cancer!
by Mrsd July 12, 2014
A odd boyish looking female that spends most of her days dwelling in depression a "Morgan" can be seen often having short justin bieber like hair, a "Morgans" natural habitat is a small strange mans house where she can be found repeatedly penetrating her mouth with some sort of genitalia. If you see a Morgan out in the wild know that they can be very dangerous and highly poisonous
Sad Morgan
by Dr.dichanary June 05, 2014
Uber jerkface.
Gawd! That guy is always so mean. He is such a morgan.
by kaydoe May 11, 2014

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