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A very random guy, that loves to make people laugh. He's very "adorkable" and friendly. Likes to make himself at home. He's smart and can be sarcastic at times. His jokes can be controversial, yet funny. He is considered handsome, or "man pretty." Has a great smile, which shows how friendly he can be. Love to workout, especially swim. Also, an Alaskan farm-boy. Has attractive and great friends. Normally attracts female friends, rather than male. Normally a ladies man.
Ha ha ha, you must be a Morgan. I can tell because you're so funny!
by friendofMorgan October 15, 2013
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A odd boyish looking female that spends most of her days dwelling in depression a "Morgan" can be seen often having short justin bieber like hair, a "Morgans" natural habitat is a small strange mans house where she can be found repeatedly penetrating her mouth with some sort of genitalia. If you see a Morgan out in the wild know that they can be very dangerous and highly poisonous
Sad Morgan
by Dr.dichanary June 05, 2014
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A crazy girl who doesn't sleep and likes to make out with anyone who is (attractive/unattractive) and (female/male). You can't tell whether she's sober or drunk more than half of the time. She loves to party and is very spontaneous. Examples of her spontaneous actions include: bleaching her hair, getting a tattoo and belly button piercing, going to downtown all by herself, and sings everything she does.
"I know my limit...I just go past it," said Morgan. This is referring to her drinking limit.

"Sleep is for the weak!" said Morgan at 5am in the morning.
by annalee May 01, 2012
4 8
another word for extreme head
Yo babe that morgan last night was the besstt.
by Killz7797 May 12, 2010
36 40
A whore who thinks she can do anything tht she wants to. She is one of the worlds worst friend u could ever have!!! She likes to try to ruin ppls happiness just so she'll be happy herself!!! Selfish is also a great way to describe Morgan!!! She loves to brk ppls hearts and she loves the idea of having a boyfriend; whether the guy be younger or older she dnt care. Always wants to be the center of attention and in the spotlight... Shes such a slut and a whore!!! She is so fake.... She'll become ur friend one day and the next she'll turn into a back stabber. Morgan's are mean and vain and only want to be ur friend when they want something.
Girl 1: OMG I can't believe she did that to me!
Girl 2: She is acting like a total Morgan!!
Both Girls: That whorgan!!
by THEUNWANTED December 22, 2013
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she is a hippo. well a different species of hippo, more like a really fat thing. she also thinks she is black, but she is white. her farts are just horrid.
a fucking hippo that thinks its black, that is a morgan
by khodgey November 16, 2013
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A white girl who thirsty for black cock
Shit nigga her comes Morgan, RUNNN!!!
by dankstank October 07, 2013
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