A hairy dirtbag. Smells like shit and talks to its self. He might just be a regular guy though....Nah he is just a hairy savage hairy savage
Eww he's a dirtbag...must be a MORGAN
by Dark Reaper September 25, 2015
The biggest man slut you will ever meet, he is such a whore that he might as well be named Bukkake, or rather call a bukkake "Morgan"
Oh man Bert totally got Morgan'd last night
by Summer777 December 30, 2013
Morgan is one of the biggest stoners you can ever meet, he is either high or a little bit high 24/7. He has one of the best personalities you will ever encounter though and his eyes are to die for when they aren't bloodshot. A real ladies man when he wants to be but usually does his own thing with his many friends.
Girl 1: "Look at that guy with his friends over there"
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's a real Morgan"
by McFeeFee August 18, 2014
A girl who is ugly and her name is morgan
Ugh her shes ugly she must be a morgan
by zombie bait December 30, 2015
A morgan: to lie about a crazy story that sound not very believable.
My mate pulled a Morgan just then, he said that if you eat burnt toast it gives you cancer!
by Mrsd July 12, 2014
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