Nickname for the word "Nigger" so its ok for white people to say "Morgans!!" but really they mean "Nigger"
ya Damn Morgans
by Willbur Excalibur November 07, 2010
To be the most unattractive person in the world. A raunchy little girl. A bum.
Someone who is not cute and who hates on others. Leader of the "thots". Someone you might want to stay FARRRRR away from!
"Who is this? Do you know her? She's rude, ugly and she keeps lurking on my Instagram!"

"Omg, girl! That's a Morgan ass bitch!"
by YellowMeLLow November 14, 2014
Morgan is my best friend and an absolutely amazing person. She is the
BAWS: & I love her so much. She is gorgeous inside and out, and I always
have a good time with her; She's been there for me always, and i will
be there for her. Even though her boyfriends fro is bigger than mine
lmao jk:
& one day i will make it threw a whole movie with you haha.
Well no one is better than this morgan, so hahahha you are lucky to
know her and if you dont SUCKS to be you: lmao.
-Hey guys do you know those girls who spend their time on this website, Oh ya there Jessica and Morgan:
by ConwayyyyBaby February 01, 2009
An unintelligent person. Often uses English improperly and lives a low class lifestyle ie. under a bridge with trolls or uses the word dumb in the plural form unnecessarily
That girl is a real Morgan.
by don't read inside dogs November 13, 2014
a morgan is a llama that has the power parkure. Morgans live in the forests of Northeast Texas, and eat anything. Morgan usually have down syndrome dispite being a llama.
That morgan just drank out of the swamp

morgans eat and sleep nonstop
by kid95 November 12, 2010
Derived from ancient language, it means Phantom Queen. Many people state that it is "of the sea" or to laugh a lot but that would be incorrect. The first part, "Mor", actually means terrorizing or horrors, hence Phantom. The "gan" stands for Queen. I would akin the name Morgan to be something of a nightmarish queen leader. "Morgan" is a sneaky, vile person. They don't care about honor or class...they will do who and what they wish eve if it hurts someone else. They think that their boyish figures and red hair allow them to be "one of the guys" but most of those guys think a Morgan is nothing more than a child version of a real woman.
Morgan is so creepy...she didn't care about sloppy seconds and is so shady and gross!
by Your Pseudonym Is Mine July 05, 2012
A crazy girl who doesn't sleep and likes to make out with anyone who is (attractive/unattractive) and (female/male). You can't tell whether she's sober or drunk more than half of the time. She loves to party and is very spontaneous. Examples of her spontaneous actions include: bleaching her hair, getting a tattoo and belly button piercing, going to downtown all by herself, and sings everything she does.
"I know my limit...I just go past it," said Morgan. This is referring to her drinking limit.

"Sleep is for the weak!" said Morgan at 5am in the morning.
by annalee May 01, 2012

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