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'Wow! Who is that amazing Lesbian?! She has so much wisdom and intelligence when she speaks! She's so compassionate. She so strong; a true survivor. Who is she?'
'Haven't you ever seen a Morgan before?'
by morgaine101 February 02, 2010
The term used to describe a roommate who's odor has a striking resemblance of a penis. People like this are often seen on their laptops watching either porn or pirated copies of the Twilight movies. It is well documented that the "Morgans" of the world have absolutely deplorable taste in music and lack the necessary hand-eye coordination to operate a Nerf gun.
"Dude, my roommate is a total Morgan!"

penis vagoo skank face
by Mechinn February 02, 2010
known as eating twinkies .
damn .,morgan leigh kauffmans a beast .
by lexibaby124 January 17, 2009
a dreadful problem, usually a technology glitch, that inevitably leads to dire circumstances; an unexpected error due to lack of planning; something irreversibly wrong with the system
I have to turn my reading log in online, but the website has got a morgan, so the paper won't go through. I'm getting a zero on this one.
by Trojan? February 11, 2009
A dirty, nasty lesbian that has cockroaches in the confines of her vagina hair but we hear that Cockin' Chrissy likes those crunchy thangs. Also named " The Valley ". When she is not taming her wild bushels of hair located on her vag she dedicates her time to grooming Cockin' Chrissy's vagina with her tongue. But when she is really in the moment she gets snakes from her backwoods hut and uses them as rockridge dildos because they are easy to find and they dont require batteries. Peace out Ya'll.
"Hey look, its a snake. There should be a Morgan lurking about!"
by Julie & Lucy July 28, 2009
A ginger bitch who can't keep a secret and is so horny. no-one likes her, she is fat, ugly and stupid.
omfg, that i told that ginger a secret, now everyone knows! she is such a morgan
by Mandy8794327 May 01, 2009
1) A tall dark haired jew who hordes massive amounts of money strictly for World of Warcraft and alcohol.

2) Enjoys watching people suffer by collecting bills, like a jewish accountant would

3)A silly basement monster that refuses to pay his parents rent, and as soon as they die he'll move his jewish ass up into the bigger bedroom.
1) You know that one guy? He's a tall dark haired WoW player? What a Morgan

2) What a Morgan!!

3) My name is Morgan, I'm 33 years old living with my parents.
by Fastercaster1122 September 22, 2008