Uber jerkface.
Gawd! That guy is always so mean. He is such a morgan.
by kaydoe May 11, 2014
A crazy girl who doesn't sleep and likes to make out with anyone who is (attractive/unattractive) and (female/male). You can't tell whether she's sober or drunk more than half of the time. She loves to party and is very spontaneous. Examples of her spontaneous actions include: bleaching her hair, getting a tattoo and belly button piercing, going to downtown all by herself, and sings everything she does.
"I know my limit...I just go past it," said Morgan. This is referring to her drinking limit.

"Sleep is for the weak!" said Morgan at 5am in the morning.
by annalee May 01, 2012
fine looking girll
i'd tap that .... (:)
hey boo ! wish i looked like her !
do dem yellow shorts come any shorter????!
also known as hootie..
hmmmm .... delicious :)
hootie: Oh my look at that morgan ! she fine !
nutcracker: yeah dude i know of i were a girl i would wanna look like her !
by nutcrackerrr May 25, 2009
The true creator of the drink sex on the beach and the reason it was so aptly named.
Sex in heels.
The feeling you get when you drank too much and the room won't stop spinning.
A constant state of excitement or euphoria, much like crack cocaine without the side effects, or unseemly cost.
Oh my! The room won't stop spinning, it feels like morgan!
Wow, that girl is morgan in those shoes.
I'm so excited I feel like I've been morgan all day long!
I can't stand up, the room is morgan-ing and won't stop.
by Kytalin June 15, 2008
An unintelligent person. Often uses English improperly and lives a low class lifestyle ie. under a bridge with trolls or uses the word dumb in the plural form unnecessarily
That girl is a real Morgan.
by don't read inside dogs November 13, 2014
she is a hippo. well a different species of hippo, more like a really fat thing. she also thinks she is black, but she is white. her farts are just horrid.
a fucking hippo that thinks its black, that is a morgan
by khodgey November 16, 2013
A crazy North Korean Spy, infiltrating Canada's highschools.

Also a driver with a fake drivers license.

Also the boniest person you will ever meet
guy one: man, she was such Morgan. she was bonier than I was.
by shaynaynay juniqua June 22, 2011
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