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More than anything else in the whole world.
more than someone else.
Jeff misses Leighann morest.
by NU J-G June 07, 2009
6 0
Going beyond "More" and "Most" there is Morest!
Steve Loves Rita Morest!
That says it all.
by Steve (who loves Rita Morest!) November 24, 2004
26 11
Word used in a conversation to descrive something that goes far beyond than more and the most. Mostly used by a true lover, or somebody who cant explain how much he loves someone/something.
lover 1 -guess what?
lover 2 -i love you
lover 1 -i love you more
lover 2 -i love you MOREST
by rmdm October 25, 2010
12 0
a word that has meaning greater than the word "morer". Morest means to have more than morer. Deriving from the word more.
boyfriend: i love you
girlfriend: i love you more
boyfriend: i love you morer
girlfriend: i love you morest
by Riahiah June 23, 2011
8 0
A greater quantity, amount, or number; that which exceeds or surpasses the limit of more.
Kevin loves Jess Morest.
by ROCKBAND January 03, 2008
11 3
Being more of, a cooler, 'teen'/uneducated term of saying more.
Created by two amazing children over a facebook conversation.
"I love you morer" -- "well i love you morest"
by booperman871daryll November 27, 2009
3 0