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Going beyond "More" and "Most" there is Morest!
Steve Loves Rita Morest!
That says it all.
by Steve (who loves Rita Morest!) November 24, 2004
Word used in a conversation to descrive something that goes far beyond than more and the most. Mostly used by a true lover, or somebody who cant explain how much he loves someone/something.
lover 1 -guess what?
lover 2 -i love you
lover 1 -i love you more
lover 2 -i love you MOREST
by rmdm October 25, 2010
a word that has meaning greater than the word "morer". Morest means to have more than morer. Deriving from the word more.
boyfriend: i love you
girlfriend: i love you more
boyfriend: i love you morer
girlfriend: i love you morest
by Riahiah June 23, 2011
A greater quantity, amount, or number; that which exceeds or surpasses the limit of more.
Kevin loves Jess Morest.
by ROCKBAND January 03, 2008
More than anything else in the whole world.
more than someone else.
Jeff misses Leighann morest.
by NU J-G June 07, 2009
To overemphasize the word "more". Can be used to win in an argument over who loves who more. One can simply replace the word "more" with "morest", to establish dominance in the argument and most importantly, to prove to your loved one that you love them morest. No being shall use this word unless they mean it 101%
Boy: I love you.
Girl: I love you more!
Boy: Well I love you morest!
by Dattenordrummer January 25, 2015
Being more of, a cooler, 'teen'/uneducated term of saying more.
Created by two amazing children over a facebook conversation.
"I love you morer" -- "well i love you morest"
by booperman871daryll November 27, 2009
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