The unsightly bulge created in the crotchal area when a man's pants are far too tight.

The moose knuckle is particularly evident in middle-aged men in suit pants or Wranglers.

If your friend says something about someone having a mooseknuckle, don't judge them for looking at an older man's crotch. It's like a bad car accident. You don't want to see what happened, but you can't pull your eyes away.
Mr. Johnson's balls were irritated all yesterday because of the horrible moose knuckle his Wranglers created.
by katbermat April 22, 2007
The male version of cameltoe. Usually found on old men wearing suits. The two round balls poking out resemble the image of a moose knuckle.
I would've enjoyed David Copperfield's illusion show more if he could've make his moose knuckle dissappear.
by R. Jevon January 20, 2007
Camel Toes for boys.
Robert Plant has a nice moose knuckle.
by Harold Heffner March 21, 2006
Opposite of cameltoe ie., mans package in tight jeans
John's proudly sporting his moose knuckle in those tight jeans.
by Doc October 17, 2003
1. In reference to being able to identify a persons genital shape through their clothes.

2. A kickass bowling team in Portland Ore. "The Sarah Palin Moose Knuckle"
I can totally see Sarah Palin's Moose Knuckle!
by Big Turkey1 September 11, 2008
Camel toe's ugly sister.
OMG! Look at that big,fat ugly moose knuckle!
by mdm_stellar August 17, 2008
what a camel toe becomes when it grows up
Damn she left a bruise on my face when she hit me with her moose knuckles.
by theKingfisher October 21, 2004

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