a very large camel toe as seen on tara
Tara is a fat bitchhas mooseknuckles
by anonymous March 18, 2005
the dreaded result of camel toe gone bad.
Damn women,
you could pick up an apple with that moose knuckle.
by Ponch June 11, 2004
the appearance of a large wedge in a womans genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes. Similar to a Camel Toe, but a Moose Knuckle is bigger.
"Damn, look at that girls tight shorts, you can see her moose knuckle."
by The Theoretically Correct May 20, 2009
Canadian camel toe. aka Canuck toe.
Man, when I went to Ontario last summer, there were moose knuckles for miles! Did you see the moose knuckes on those chicks?
by Frank A May 12, 2007
The slang name for the labia which is known for a very experienced woman or whore to have. (See Camel Toe or Clam Shell for like definition. These are the same, but young girls or young women to have these.
Damn, did you see the fucking "Moose Knuckle" on that whore.
(See Sloppy Moose Knuckle and Moose Tracks)
by JLOH December 15, 2004
A moose knuckle is the shape formed by prodtruding labia majora(pussy lips) and the clitoral hood (the hood). Moose knuckles are big and gnarly in nature.

fat camel toe, stage meat curtains, big whisker biscuit, extra large pink taco, a mighty beaver, flabbly labbia, etc....

Your mom's hairy moose knuckle came down from the sky!

Don't tell your woman she has a moose knuckle unless you never want to see it again!
by jzizzle September 14, 2006
aka: camel-toe. When a woman (usually a cowgirl) wears pants that are too tight and rides up their crotch.
Damn! did you see the moose knuckle on that chick?
by Jennifer July 06, 2004

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