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6 definitions by Ponch

1. A process inside the anus which produces shit as we know it.
2.The name of R. Kelly's new album

Coincidence? I think not.
That new R. Kelly album is a real chocolate factory.
by Ponch April 28, 2003
2.The Best.
3.To reek of proverbial awesomeness.
4.To be ascertained as the "big man on campus."
He is SO the cooliest guy in school.
by Ponch April 28, 2003
1. A ritualistic death by which victims are repeatedly sodomized by hundreds of jungle natives.

2. The latest craze in Japanese arcade games based on the death ritual in which the player attempts to insert a giant hand up a virtual rectum as painfully as possible.
1. "Death by Boonga Boonga!"

2. Me reary reary rike Boonga Boonga!
by Ponch April 28, 2003
The most famous of the rides at Happy World Land.
"But we didnt do anything!! Rides, fun, pizies, HAPPY GO PUKEY??!?"
by Ponch April 28, 2003
When a white girl sits on a Mexican's face on Christmas Eve.
Amy gave me a poinsetta for Christmas.
by ponch June 01, 2013
the dreaded result of camel toe gone bad.
Damn women,
you could pick up an apple with that moose knuckle.
by Ponch June 11, 2004