Originated by GI's in Japan. Moose is GI slang for the Japanese word Musumei which means girl. Some Japanese girls use it as slang for theri vagina.

Properly spelled Musu

My wife is Japanese this usage goes back 60 years
GI to another "You should see my little moose".
by Otiose January 30, 2008
a verb, describing the action of laying around, watching tv, eating chips and bear on the couch, convelescing from a hangover, being lazy, etc....
Also can be used as a noun, describing a person who is partaking in the actions noted above.
Get up, you fucking moose! I'm tired of seeing you moosin' all fucking day!Do the dishes!
by none of your damn business November 17, 2003
a big dumb ass that mooches off you, loves the soul pole, drinks all of your beer and then wants a ride home. example (Tim that lives in cincinnati)
That fucking moose drank my last beer.
That moose likes giving rusty trumbones for bus tokens.
by ricky323 May 01, 2006
A kid that a man named Faye likes. He Haw. He has a really shiny mouth, due to his ginourmous braces. Moose always weres a hoodie that says Ranger on it.
"Ooh. Look Faye, it's moose."<pointing at a man that has ginourmous braces and a ranger sweater.>
by Deiter Louise May 09, 2005
1. An animal.
2. Rania.
-Look Billy Bob!! It's a moose!!!
-Oh Thurman, that's just Rina... Oh wait, I guess you're right, that is a moose!!
*syncronized laughter*
by Not_A_Goat_Or_Hippie April 27, 2005
My sweet husband, who is cute as a bugs ear. Juicy moosie..
moose I luvyalots your featherwood lisa
by lisarath November 07, 2005
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