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What some people call the tobacco which they put in their bowl along with weed.
"Dude, I just can't smoke a bong without tobe anymore!"
by KPion September 29, 2006
49 12
The short form for the greater toronto area of Etobicoke.
Lets drive to the Tobes to pick up Tamara.
by A_dog December 26, 2005
18 7
Is a yuggin.
My boy is a total yuggin because he is a Tobe
by YugginMaster3 August 03, 2010
8 6
A tobe is a cross between a lobe, such as that found on the ear, and a toe.

The result is a flap-like bodily extension, sometimes found in the neck area.
'Dude, what's that on your neck?', 'Ah it's just a tobe man, appeared the other week'

'Yeah, Johnny 's got a tobe' (And I said to my friend Johnny....yo Johnny show us your tobe)
by MollyMoonshine November 02, 2011
2 3
Hi tobes your aborignal
you coon
nice sunglasses, oh wait their your nostrals .D.
by carnage_has_tits January 23, 2004
13 14
1) verb meaning to exist or exist as something
He be real.
by Med Student February 02, 2003
15 16
tobacco, cigarettes, anything that a bum smokes. Not weed. ANYTHING TOBACCO
hey bro, wanna tobe?

you got that tobe?
by kreig tf mclure March 02, 2012
2 4